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POLIMAL 1058 RTM Infusion

POLIMAL 1058 RTM Infusion

Polyester resin POLIMAL 1058

Package contains 220 kg polyester resin without hardener

Polyester resin POLIMAL 1058 is a DCPD (dicyclopentadiene) unsaturated base resin with a very low styrene emission and small shrinkage. This resin does not have the strong odour associated with other polyesters. This resin is used for laminating with RTM or infusion method. POLIMAL 1058 low exotermic properties and fast curing make it a fast and profitable solution for composite part construction. This resin is characterized by very good processing features, good wettability of fibre glass, very good resistance parameters and high heat resistance. POLIMAL 1058 is meant for use in room temperature and no post curing is needed. This resin is enviromentally resistant and is used for the production of long life products.

Technical properties:

·         Viscosity 150-200 mPas/23 °C.

·         Resin:hardener ratio  100:2

·         MEKP hardener has to be used

·         Gel time 8-13 minutes at 230C

·         Colour: Brown

·         Hardems after 24h in room temperature, after that gaining good properties

·         To achieve great properties the part should be heated after the initial curing to 60-80°C, for 3-4 h.

  • Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
  • Prekės kodas: POLIMAL 1058
  • Svoris: 220.00kg
Be PVM: 462.20€

POLIMAL 1058 RTM Infusion

POLIMAL 1058 RTM Infusion